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Our History

The Buddhist clergy at the Maha Pirivena of the Asgiri chapter are the disciples of Aritha thero who was the first Buddhist monk to attain higher ordination after the arrival of Mihindu thero to Ceylon. read more..


Social services

A large number of social services are rendered by thre Asgiriya Maha Pirivena. Supplying equipment to patients hospitalized in and around Kandy. Conducting Buddhist sermons for the well being of... read more..

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On going projects at Asgiri Maha Vihara Maha Piriwena in which your contributions are welcome If you are interested in contribution for any of the above project / projects please contact us or..read more..

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Annual Programes

Annual ‘Katina’ Ceremony(ceremony held in a Buddhist temple at the end of a rainy season) Conducting meditation programmes and Buddhist discussions on full moon poya days. read more..


Massges from Mahanayaka thero's

The Asgiri Chapter is the oldest Buddhist Bhikku center in the hill country, Senkadagala- Kandy after the arrival of Mihindu thero to Ceylon. The beginning of this institute dates back to 1312. read more..


After Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka , the prime classical educational system of Sri Lanka was considered as the monastery education structure. read more..